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How Do You Evaluate Employee Satisfaction?

4 Ways to Find Out How Satisfied Your Employees Are

Are your employees ready and willing to pitch in and take on extra hours when needed? Do they volunteer to help coworkers and come in on regularly scheduled days off to help pick up the slack? Or do your employees call out more frequently than you would like? What’s the turnover rate like at your company? How satisfied your employees are can affect the success of your business. Some of the ways you can evaluate the satisfaction of your employees include:

1. Look at Overall Behavior

Bickering between coworkers, angry outbursts, and too many call-outs or just not showing up probably mean something is not right. Job performance of satisfied employees is higher than that of employees who would rather be anywhere else. Employees who are happy at work tend to show up on time and leave when their shift is over and possibly stay longer. If your turnover rate is climbing and employee morale has seen better days, it’s time to take a look at how you are as an employer.

2. Ask Employees for Their Input

Pass around employee satisfaction surveys for employees to fill out. Provide a free lunch with a Q&A period in a relaxed atmosphere. Keep a suggestion box handy where ideas and thoughts can be put anonymously. Work/life balance can be a deciding factor on how satisfied employees are. Give them the freedom to be honest with you about what they feel they are lacking as employees. Is there room to grow within the company? How do they view their benefits? What would make their time at work and employment with your company a better experience for them?

3. Have an Open Door Policy

Let your employees know that you are always available to discuss their job and their working conditions. Workers who feel comfortable talking with their supervisors are generally more content than those who are held at arm’s length. An employer who stays closed off to employee matters probably has a lot of unhappy workers.

4. Meet With Employees One-on-One

Set regular appointments with employees to discuss work issues but also their lives, in general. Yes, personal issues should not affect work for the most part. But understanding your employees as more than just worker bees will add to the positive relationship you have with them and will affect their work in a positive way. Let them know you care about them as human beings.

Having a positive work environment is important for managers and workers but it can be difficult to attain. This is an unsure time for all involved, and you might need some help to ensure that your employees are happy at work. Contact Emery HR today to find out how we can help you evaluate the satisfaction of your employees to make everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable.