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At Emery HR we understand that your employees are your greatest asset. Providing them with the training needed to reduce your liability or increase your retention and grow your talent base with upskilling.  We work with you to create custom training programs for your business needs.


Professional Development

Professional development introduces your employees to new skills while honing existing hard and soft skills in the workplace. The program should be oriented around your company’s overall mission to create an environment where all workers move toward a common end goal.


Compliance Training

We deliver effective, engaging compliance training to boost retention, reduce risk, and promote workplace safety. Easily deploy customized content and manage compliance and security training to reduce liability and stay up to date on regulations and requirements.

State and federal regulations typically require employees to complete the relevant compliance training every year. This ensures that employees are consistently aware of requirements and best practices in their workplace. 

We customize training to fit your unique needs. Some topics are FMLA, Sexual Harassment, Confidentiality, Anti Discrimination







Employee Orientation & Onboarding

Give your employees a warm welcome and an exceptional experience of your organization.  Onboarding is essential for any business, regardless of size. They provide employees with the necessary skills to succeed in their roles and help ensure that they understand company policies, procedures, and culture. Onboarding and training can lead to higher employee satisfaction, better results, decreased turnover, and more proficient operations.


Customer Service Training

Customer service training is the training and upskilling of customer service employees to improve the support they can provide and thereby increase customer satisfaction. It is an ongoing, continuous process of growth throughout an employee’s time working in customer service.

It is essential for you organization because it gives your employees the proper techniques and best practices to deal with customers. Training customer service team members allows them to communicate with customers effectively, handle escalating problems, and successfully solve them.


Supervisor & Manager Training

Management training plays a pivotal role in equipping leaders with the necessary leadership skills and knowledge to effectively guide their teams and drive organizational success. It introduces managers to new concepts, methodologies, and practices allowing the to keep pace with the dynamic business environment.

Managers play a large role in creating company culture and employee retention.  They are also many times, are first to encounter the possibility of employee liability of compliance issues.


Ethics Training

Ethics training in the workplace builds Trust and Enhances Teamwork promoting better collaboration. It creates a Sense of Responsibility in dealing fairly with customers, suppliers, and service providers.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Regulations related to compliance and ethical practices change rapidly. Non-compliance can lead to heavy penalties

Improved Decision-Making: Encourages employees to consider diverse perspectives and put forth their ideas and concerns. This transparency enhances decision-making within the organization.

Positive Organizational Culture: A strong ethical boosts employee morale and contributes to overall business success.

By prioritizing ethics, companies not only protect their reputation but also drive better business performance


Collaboration Training

Collaboration training is a valuable approach that fosters teamwork, knowledge sharing, and effective communication within organizations. Just like improv performers practice with focused exercises, collaboration is a skill that can be trained.

Some techniques to enhance team collaboration:

  • Active Listening: Encourage attentive listening and understanding.
  • Effective Communication: Teach clear and concise communication.
  • Conflict Resolution: Equip employees to handle disagreements constructively.
  • Team Building Activities: Engage in team-building exercises.

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