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Do you know what’s excellent about HR technology? It can make working for your company an enjoyable experience. You’ll have happier employees, lower turnover rates, and a more engaged workforce thanks to these tech-enabled perks.

So what kind of HR technology is available, and how can you improve your digital employee experience? Let’s dive in.

The Best HR Technology Is Easy To Use and Self-service

You may have heard that the best HR technology is easy to use and self-service. We agree! Regarding HR, employees should be able to do their jobs without asking for help from HR or IT.

Implementing an intuitive and efficient employee portal is the best way to ensure your employees have this kind of autonomy. This allows them access to their data and benefits whenever they need it—whether at work or not. This also gives everyone access points, regardless of whether they use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Employees Want Freedom From Paper Forms—Go Digital

Employees want to be able to fill in forms on their own time. They also want to access documents from any device and fill them in at their own pace.

Many employees want to be able to track their progress on forms and even skip parts they’ve already completed. If they’re confident, they can do so without harming the company’s records (e.g., by not having had time for special training).

The answer to all of these problems is to go digital.

HR Technology Should Support Continuous Learning and Career Growth

As we’ve discussed, the employee experience is about so much more than just a paycheck. It’s about feeling like you’re part of a team, learning new skills, and growing your career. Part of this comes from your recruitment strategy to ensure you get the right people for the job.

But much can also come from HR technology. This should support continuous learning and career growth by providing employees with professional development opportunities that are:

  • Flexible
  • Self-paced
  • Collaborative

An excellent place to start is by creating an online learning platform that offers content from experts within your organization and outside sources such as Lynda or Pluralsight.

You could also use social media channels in the workplace, like Twitter or Facebook, to share news articles relevant to your industry while encouraging peer-to-peer sharing among workers who want to learn from each other.

Employee Experience Is About Tailored Workflows

It’s important to remember that the employee experience is about workflows that employees can tailor for flexibility and choice. Employees want to be able to use technology in ways that fit their own needs. Therefore, it’s up to employers to create flexible workflows that give them options.

Flexibility is essential because people are different and have different needs; some want a blank canvas, and others want more structure.

One company might benefit from allowing its employees full autonomy over their time. Another company might need more oversight of how its staff members spend their time outside work.

But both these workplaces can accommodate these differences. They can do this by providing flexible ways for employees to get things done during business hours.

HR Technology Provides Employees With Authentic Peer Interactions

There is nothing more powerful than authentic interactions. And when it comes to employee engagement and retention, peer-to-peer connections are often more potent than those between managers and employees.

Consider that employees want to feel like they’re part of a community. This can be achieved through digital tools. These allow them to connect in meaningful ways by fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and inspiring each other.

Employees also want to know they’re not alone in their struggles or successes at work. Technology that allows employees to connect regularly gives them a chance for honest exchanges. Usually, this is about what challenges them on the job—and what makes them proud about their work.

Make It Easy for Employees To Join Your Community

Make it easy for employees to take part in their community. Employees want to feel like they belong, which can be achieved by giving them a place on the company website where they can share ideas and feedback.

This space must be easily accessible, so ensure clear instructions for getting started. Also, think about what they need to know before posting anything. This way, you confirm that everyone will have an equal opportunity to contribute their ideas or thoughts about the company.

HR Tech Helps You Create an Inclusive Company Culture

One of HR technology’s most important ways to improve your employee experience is by helping you create a more inclusive culture. HR tech can help make your company’s culture more inclusive.

It allows managers to give feedback effectively. This helps them engage with employees and develop them better.

It also provides resources for managers about how different cultures respond to certain situations. This allows management to make the most informed decisions possible—especially when dealing with diverse groups of people.

Make Work Easier for Employees to Increase Engagement

Employees want to feel connected to the company. They want to know that they are part of a community and their voices are heard. This doesn’t just mean they want a raise every time they ask for one. Employees also enjoy access to information and resources to do their jobs better and feel like their work has meaning.

For employees to achieve these goals, companies need to work towards providing tools that make work easier for them. For example:

Employee recognition software such as Bonusly allows teams at companies like HubSpot or General Assembly (and any business) to share praise easily. This is a great way to improve employee engagement.

The goal is not only making it easier for managers who are pressed for time but also improving team dynamics and workplace culture by bringing awareness into what is going well at different levels of the organization — both within and across departments!

HR Technology Will Transform Your Workplace

We’ve discussed how HR technology can help employees by making work more accessible and efficient. But it also leads to happy, engaged employees. That’s because HR tech is not just about keeping employees happy.

It’s also about connecting with them as people. And that means more productivity and loyalty on both sides. By using technology in new ways and learning from what employees want most out of their careers, HR departments can build better experiences.

If you’re interested in how HR Technology is changing the workplace culture for the better, be sure to contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you.