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I was talking to a business associate yesterday about Germany’s health system (say what you want about the Germans BUT man they know how to handle their money – brilliant – tough people to work with – excellence is demanded) His wife is from Germany and her family still lives there.  He/they visit quite often.  Anyway I found it interesting.. very similar to what may happen here in the US – a Govern/Private sector blend – But theirs is MUCH simpler… yes it is a form of socialized medicine – like it or not that is what we will have in the US come 2014 (I am sure many will still fight – as will I – but now, when I look at it – people have totally f’d it up to the point I don’t think it will ever be fixed – we wont have Germany’s simple program  – our govt sucks – unless we do something about it .  I am not sure we will have the results – not without more laws OR people actually taking some initiative in caring for themselves). Perhaps a bit pessimistic today on the our system of solving problems… and the human spirit – so many have allowed themselves to become tainted, remain ignorant and/or selfish… that cannot be changed on a large level, only one person at a time….

I believe no matter what happens on the large scale those that want to take control of their lives – can.  Employers that want to take control of their business’ healthcare costs – can.

Just a thought – I need to do more research…

More info on Germany’s system: