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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has launched a new online tool intended to make it easier for employees to initiate employment discrimination claims against their employers.

The EEOC Public Portal allows individuals to obtain EEOC services, file charges against employers and monitor their claims through the internet.

For Employers

Employers subject to federal anti-discrimination laws should be aware of the new portal because it may increase the likelihood of EEOC charges being filed. The best way for employers to guard against claims is to ensure that their employment policies comply with applicable legal requirements.

While most EEOC-enforced laws apply only to employers with 15, 20 or more employees, virtually all employers are subject to at least one of the laws, such as the Equal Pay Act.

Portal Features

In addition to facilitating online inquiries and requests for interviews, the EEOC Public Portal allows for the following:

  • Engaging in pre-charge interviews and counseling with EEOC agents via webcams and teleconferencing
  • Inputting the data required for a charge of discrimination against an employer
  • Directing the EEOC to prepare a formal charge against an employer
  • Reviewing, digitally signing and filing a formal charge that has been prepared by the EEOC

When a charge is filed against an employer, the EEOC will send a notice that directs the employer to a separate online system called the EEOC Respondent Portal, which allows employers to view a filed charge, file a response, communicate with the EEOC and upload documents related to the charge.

For more information about how the Public Portal can affect your business and its employees, visit eeoc.gov.

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