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Does the thought of a new year bring excitement or dread? Or worse, complacency?

Should businesses make resolutions for their business? The answer: YES!  Anything that creates enthusiasm and planning is MUST.

Enthusiasm brings energy and excitement  – Planning creates efficiencies, direction and growth.  Everyone likes to have an idea where they are going and why!

So what are the top 3 things businesses should plan for this year regarding their employees – NOW not later?

1) Employee Benefit Programs – what will you do, even if it is nothing be sure you have gone over all the details of changes and how they will affect you in every scenario… remember every decision, including to o nothing at all has a consequence – be sure you know what yours is…

  • Exchanges/Insurance – enrollment is to begin October 2013 – to do or not to do?
  • Wellness – only way to lower healthcare cost and also increases productivity – costs are predicted to be in double digits again!
  • Risk Management – productivity and claims – get your people back to work – or better yet, keep them there, happy and healthy

2) Culture – define your company culture… if you have not actively molded a culture, it has molded you.

3) Taxes – brush up on all the changes in tax codes – from deductions to increases. No one is left untouched this year.  Its best to know now how they will affect you and make changes than in 2014 after they effected you.

So you have your resolutions, but how do you keep them. These are the steps most lack and why they are unsuccessful: the measurable plan and accountability.

  1. Include your team – share goals and planning – be clear and concise
  2. Have follow up meetings – consistently and constantly. KEEP THEM!
  3. Measure measure measure – if you are not or do not know how than you need to clarify your goals
  4. Be open and willing to change the strategy if not bearing results

If you are having difficulty pinpointing just what it is you need to change – hire an outside consultant.  They may not know your business but they are able to see what you may not be able to see.  There is something to be said from being able to look in from the outside.  Also be sure you consultant is sensitive to your business, they may not need to know your business to see what needs to be changed, but to recommend a resolution he/she needs to understand HOW and WHY things work – so their recommendations don’t cause more problems than they resolve.